Our History

Our History

My name is Bethsaida and they know me as Betsy. I arrived in 2001 to this country full of dreams like many of you, like many Hispanics. I arrived with my two children, one studying elementary school and the other ready to enter the university, I also came with my parents and my siblings.

At the age of 19 I started direct selling in my country. When I arrived in the United States, I began the search to continue with direct sales, taking advantage of the knowledge I had and also being able to share it with other people. When the opportunity arose to start the opening of L’EUDINE in the United States, I knew it was a big challenge, it was a new product, nobody knew it, the business system was also something innovative, but I had that desire to get ahead , that I had my family waiting for me, and I also knew that with that achievement I could involve other people like me, Hispanic women who come to this country in search of progress.

How did I overcome the obstacles? believing in myself, having faith that what I was doing was the right thing, it was the right thing and that is what I recommend to people. All you need to succeed in L’EUDINE is to have dreams and discipline, with that we guarantee that you will get ahead and that you will achieve what you set out to do.

In L’EUDINE we continue to be a business from person to person, but thanks to globalization we can now reach more people with our products and our opportunity in all countries where L’EUDINE has a presence. In this new stage of evolution and globalization of our business I want L’EUDINE to be a symbol of strength and perseverance that empowers Hispanics to fulfill each of their dreams in this country, because all dreams are possible, L’EUDINE is the change of life you are looking for, you can also be part of our family and like me, achieve the American dream.

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